About Us

In a digital age, the possibilities of your business have no limits and neither does your IT department. Your customers, employees and partners are dispersed in more geographic locations, process more data, use a large number of devices and expect more than ever. To succeed, you need to build your digital infrastructure where you can scale to match your opportunities.

Our Network

Our network provides customers with connectivity greater than 160Gb / s of traffic, apart from 50+ Gb / s in traffic with peers on Internet Exchanges.

Our network makes use of both Cisco and Juniper equipment, connected to the best network providers, including multiple Up-links for maximum performance and availability, they also offer BGP connectivity that allows your server to find more efficient routes to the outside world.

With the latest Juniper technology in the Core Network, Cisco Agg Switches and more than 35 WS-C2960S-48TD-L switches in the access and distribution layers of the network, it allows us the ideal scalability for current and future infrastructure. As opposed to Latin America, Switzerland does not have a bandwidth limitation due to the exorbitant cost.

Each dedicated server is provided with 1 GB / s SIMETRIC (1000Mb / s) of connectivity for both the public and private networks, and a remote management console for each server on which it will be able to install and troubleshoot your server as if I was sitting in front of him.

In Switzerland, in addition to InternetOne, SimpleCarrier, which is our main Up-stream provider, we have other providers, including Hurriucane Electric, Init7, in addition to Internet exchanges such as Swiss-IX among others. This gives us the possibility of exceeding 50GB / s of data across our network without affecting performance at any layer of the network.

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has been around for a long time and has done a great job, but it has always been limited by its addressing capabilities, and we didn’t think the day would come, when we wouldn’t have any more IPv4 addresses available.

Have you ever wondered what will happen when RIR’s such as  LACNIC, Arin, RIPE no longer have more available IPV4 addresses?
Essentially this means that you will lose the ability to grow your network.

Swiss Global Services provides native IPv6 support across all services.


Why Switzerland

Zurich is the economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland. Recognized for its banking and financial services sector, based on a legally protected tradition of security and confidentiality, Zurich is home to 85% of Switzerland’s largest companies, more than 80% of assets in the country and several  ISO certification IBX® data centers.

Zurich is not only the most important offshore banking city in the world, but a recognized research and development center and global business center, which attracts companies from all sectors, with high quality of life, low tax rates for companies and a Highly educated and multilingual  workforce.

With 94,500+ square feet of highly secure and centrally located placement space, data centers in Zurich place you in the right place to deliver, with an extensive network option and the ability to interconnect with partners and customers in The entire digital supply chain. With all major European cities in two hours by plane or rail, and a fast and reliable ICT infrastructure that puts 80% of Europe on a 30-ms latency trip, Zurich is in the heart of Europe.

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