Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop means that a user’s ecosystem (icons, folders, documents, preferences, etc.) are hosted on a remote server, not on a local PC. Consider the implications.

Virtual desktops are provided on-demand, which their users can access securely from anywhere, whether from a PC, smartphone, Ipad, or any other device.

From a commercial perspective, it increases productivity by minimizing the time it takes to provision a new desk for an employee, saving the cost of licenses and hardware.

Experts estimate that the cost of operating and managing these resources equals 50-70% of the cost of ownership.

Other IT Solutions


Virtual IDC

The Cloud is one of those terms that many adopt, even without knowing what it is, nor how it works. The cloud depends 100% on the hardware infrastructure available, as well as the type of treatment, quality and amount of bandwidth dedicated to “the cloud” that is implemented.

For decades, system administrators have struggled to create ways to optimize resources, reduce operational expenses, improve production processes, etc. with a single purpose: greater competitiveness.

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