Email and Collaboration

No company survives without electronic communication.

In the digital age, access to information is critical, while collaboration increases the productivity of any team.

By using free services such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc., your company misses an opportunity to show that it has the necessary maturity to do business.

On the other hand, there are countless times that a customer has complained that “their mails do not arrive”.

Our proposal tackles all these deficiencies, focusing on providing your company with the right web presence, at the same time we provide all the necessary tools for proper management.

From administration of SPF records, which allows your organization to have the security that any form of digital communication they send, will reach its recipient, centralized administration for user creation, we also offer the possibility of creating and sharing folders, calendars , events, documents with the collaborators you want.
PGP encryption services are also available on our platform.

Other IT Solutions

Web Hosting

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Servers

cPanel / WHM is the most used control panel today, which is why we have made our hosting offers include cPanel for account management. With cPanel you can manage everything from your website files, folders, databases, among others.

As a company grows, it could expand to multiple stores or offices throughout the country and around the world.

It is not  about dividing a dedicated server as many companies do.

A VPS can be based on a “lightweight” Container image, or it can be based on an operating system ISO that you want. We have infrastructure that supports both.

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