The high bandwidth costs in the regions of Central and South America, make it very difficult, if not impossible for our region, to access services at levels of Gb/s of bandwidth speed, much less compete in today’s globalized world.

Next, we will show the different types of dedicated servers that our staff will be able to provide you in less than 24 hours from the moment your order is placed and your payment received:

  • MySQL Server (Linux and Windows)
  • Server or VPS with cPanel (Linux)
  • Servers or Containers (VPS) with OpenVZ or KVM
  • NAS / SAN servers (Linux)
  • Backup instances (Linux)
  • Core Linux / Windows servers for developers.
  • (Cost of the Windows license will be included in the quote).

This is not the complete list of facilities our staff is able to perform. If the installation you need does not appear on this list, talk to our support staff for a personal evaluation.

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    Other IT Solutions


    Dedicated Servers


    Swiss Global Services Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provides the stability, security and flexibility your company needs, without the need of a dedicated server. 

    Dedicated Servers have enterprise-grade hardware, are connected to the Internet through a premium 1Gb / s network.

    We believe in innovation, and that competition is the engine behind innovation.

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