Swiss Global Services Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provides the stability, security and flexibility your company needs, without the need of a dedicated server. Our virtual servers are ideal for a web services, VPN server, database server, among other services. Server resources are NEVER sold in excess or over provisioned. All servers use enterprise-grade SuperMicro hardware, either in SSD or enterprise SAS RAID 10 disk subsystems and are built with up to 24 Intel Xeon cores at 2.60 GHz per server. Our VPS is designed to be delivered once payment is completed.

In the same way, we provide “pre-configured” systems called “turnkey”, which fulfill their function in a predefined way, without needing to be an expert in server management.

Our infrastructure provides KVM and LXC virtualization. While LXC provides the viability of offering servers based on “containers,” KVM provides dedicated resources to each virtual machine.

Using KVM, each virtual machine (VM) is based on the official ISO of the distribution that is preferred by the customer.

In addition to this, each Container (CT) and virtual machine (VM) has an administration platform, which allows to make configurations in the Firewall of each VM or CT, OOB administration via console, independent of the network configuration and security of the VM, reinstallations, among others. All from an interface using the latest TLS technology to keep your communication securely.

Other IT Solutions


Dedicated Servers

Web Hosting

The high bandwidth costs in the regions of Central and South America, make it very difficult, if not impossible for our region, to access services at levels of Gb/s of bandwidth speed, much less compete in today’s globalized world.

Dedicated Servers have enterprise-grade hardware, are connected to the Internet through a premium 1Gb / s network.

cPanel / WHM is the most used control panel today, which is why we have made our hosting offers include cPanel for account management.

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