IT Solutions

At Swiss Global Services we offer specialized IT solutions, designed for the globalized world in which your company thrives, gearing our services to meet your company needs.


Swiss Global Services Cloud Computing Services allow your company to access servers, Virtual Data Centers and storage services, hosted on our managed Cloud platform, or under your control.


Tier 4 data centers located in the heart of Europe.
Its located at 30ms from the entire European region. Data protection in a privileged location and with a reputation for data protection on the largest scale.

IT Services

Services designed with corporate clients in mind. From hosting services, virtual servers and dedicated, all with the highest standards of security and international compliance.

Why Us.


Active Members of RIPE NCC, APNIC and LACNIC. Dual-Stack 100% Cisco Network, we offer IPv6 across all our services.

Bilingual Support

Our technical support as well as commercial staff are fully bilingual.

Unlimited Traffic

We offer Unlimited Free Private traffic (server-to-server) at 1Gb/s

Multi-Homed Network

Multiple up-links to Tier1 ISPs as well as peering sessions for maximum performance.

Private Vlan

Vlans provide the security your company needs by logically segmenting your traffic.


Compliance with GDPR legislation in the European Union of data protection.

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