Virtual IDC

For decades, system administrators have struggled to create ways to optimize resources, reduce operational expenses, improve production processes, etc. with a single purpose: greater competitiveness.

In a digital age, the possibilities of your business have no limits and neither should your IT department. Your customers, partners and employees are dispersed in more geographic locations, process more data, use a large number of devices and expect more than ever from your IT systems.

To succeed, you need to build your digital infrastructure where you can scale to match your opportunities. Hence the automation is born, a process that directly impacts the IT industry, and that we offer as a new way to provide control over the processes, based on the particular needs of each organization.

As a company dedicated to “hosting”, we have the automation platform, which will allow the technical team of a company, the proper management of all its services and resources.

  • RDNS management.
  • Forward DNS management.
  • Installation / reinstallation of Virtual and dedicated Instances.
  • On-demand resource management in virtual and cloud instances.
  • Monitoring and notification of incidents.
  • Management and acquisition of new services.

It is no longer a debate about what will happen when the processes are automated, the process is already here.

We offer you the possibility of having a platform for managing your services and resources, in order to improve the productivity and performance of your work team.

Other IT Solutions

Virtual Desktops


A Virtual Desktop means that a user’s ecosystem (icons, folders, documents, preferences, etc.) are hosted on a remote server, not on a local PC. Consider the implications.

The Cloud is one of those terms that many adopt, even without knowing what it is, nor how it works.

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