The Cloud is one of those terms that many adopt, even without knowing what it is, nor how it works. The cloud depends 100% on the hardware infrastructure available, as well as the type of treatment, quality and amount of bandwidth dedicated to “the cloud” that is implemented.

We have a 100% Cisco homogeneous network, Supermicro Servers with the latest Intel Processors, 20Gb / s in “Single Mode Fiber” configuration on each processing node, multiple farms with 25 + TB of “NAS” space for images and data.

Add to this over 160 + Gb/s of bandwidth, from transit carriers. Each cloud profile has a minimum of 100Mb/s symmetric “dedicated” connection.

Other IT Solutions

Virtual Desktops

. Virtual IDC

A Virtual Desktop means that a user’s ecosystem (icons, folders, documents, preferences, etc.) are hosted on a remote server, not on a local PC. Consider the implications.

For decades, system administrators have struggled to create ways to optimize resources, reduce operational expenses, improve production processes, etc. with a single purpose: greater competitiveness.

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