Data Replication

Making a backup from one place to another is a basic task that does not require much planning, and its implementation is done quickly and easily. Replication goes much further.

We provide an ecosystem that has IP resources with absolute control (we have our own ASN, IPv4 and IPv6), secure DNS infrastructure with PowerDNS, full control of all applications and services that guarantee that at the time of a failure, all your traffic, customers and services, be redirected successfully to a system that remains online and unaffected.

If you wish to have more information regarding the planning, execution and components necessary for a successful data replication, please contact us.

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    We are aware of how important it is to have your critical data stored in a safe place for when you need it.

    Backup Services are not sufficient when considering the real operational needs of an organization, add to this the dependence of the computer systems in your company to remain “online” in 95% of current companies to ensure the Success of an operation.

    Specialized tactics and additional controls are required to maintain a secure data center with network innovation.

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